Joining Canadian Bay Club


The Canadian Bay Club offers a wide range of facilities to members. These include boat and kayak storage, BBQs, kitchen, dining tables, decks, beach access, change rooms, toilets and showers. Access to these facilities is restricted to members by way of electronic access medallions.

There are approximately 300 family members at the Club. Please note we are currently at full capacity for membership until September 2023 although you are welcome to add your name to the waiting list by completing the application form for new members. New applications will be considered in October to December 2023 and the number of new members admitted will be based on the number of members resigning during the past year.

Membership of the Canadian Bay Club works on a nomination basis, whereby an existing member of at least twelve months standing nominates a prospective member.

The application form and fees schedule can be downloaded from this page. If you have any further questions, please email

1. Ask your friends or family who are members to nominate you. Once your friend or family member nominates or seconds your application, please forward the completed application for to

2. If you do not have a seconder to sign your application, you can still submit your form but you may be required to attend an interview prior to your application being considered / approved.

3. If you do not have a member to nominate you, and are interested in joining please contact our membership officer Alison at to arrange an interview.

Types of Membership

All new members will join as a Senior Membership. The membership will be in the name of one person, and that person has the right to nominate a spouse / partner to use the facilities at any time.

The member who has dependent children living at home will also be billed a Family Supplement, which entitles the member to bring their dependent children under the age of 25 to the club at any time. Family members over 18 can also attend the club at any time without the supervision of the named member. Children under the age of 18 must never be at the club unsupervised.

Dependents over the age of 25 are considered adult guests (even if they are still living at home) and should get their own Senior Membership if they are visiting the club more than six times a year.

The named member will be responsible for the actions of their family and guests at all times.

Membership Fees

You can review our membership fees which can be downloaded here.

Club Rules and By-Laws

All members of the club are bound by the rules and by-laws which can be downloaded here.

Membership Form

A membership application form can be downloaded here.


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