Club History

Canadian Bay Club was founded in 1957 by a few locals who had boats in old boat sheds near where the present clubhouse stands today. All the boats were made of wood and were therefore very heavy and hard to move.

Mr (later Sir) Laurence Hartnett and four others met at “Rubra”, Mr Hartnett’s home, and discussed the possibility of forming a boat club. Despite many problems with the Council, who did not want a boat club, they finally relented and agreed to allow the “housing of boats to immediate locals living not more than a quarter of a mile from Canadian Bay”.

The original proposal was to charge 350.00 pounds per boat for a non interest bearing debenture. It was estimated the cost of a clubhouse would be 3,500 pounds and 10 locals agreed to take part. So the club started in a very small way and has progressed to its present size.

By 1959 the clubhouse was taking shape and with the advent of the lighter fibreglass boats there was an increasing number of people wanting to become members.

The film “On the Beach” was filmed at Canadian Bay and the clubhouse was used as the films operating headquarters. When it was released with Gregory Peck, Ava Gardiner and Fred Astaire in the leading roles, Canadian Bay got a great deal of publicity and the membership rose quite quickly.

Since then the Club has grown with the additions to the Clubhouse, the Western and Eastern sheds and new facilities such as an electric winch to launch and retrieve boats, new toilets and bbq facilities on the upper and lower decks.


an iconic boating and recreational club


founded in 1957


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Mt Eliza VIC 3930

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