Bringing Guests to the Club

Members may invite a limited number of non-members, or guests, to the Club.

The spouse / partner of the named member and their dependent children under 25 years old (assuming a family membership) are not deemed guests and can attend the club as many times as the wish during the year. Children of a member who are under 18 years old can't attend the club without supervision of their parents and can't invite guests. Children of members older than 25 years are treated as an adult guest and should have their own membership if attending the club more than 6 times a year.

A maximum of four adult guests may be sponsored by a member at any one time for a visit (excludes immediate family above). These guests should be signed in at the guest register near the front door. More than four adult guests requires approval from the Committee, and the form below can be used to submit this request. An adult guest is deemed anyone over 18 years old. An adult guest can bring any number of dependent children under 18 years old and these children are not included in the four guest count of the member.

A Large Gathering will be deemed as any event with more than 20 adult guests attending and socialising together, regardless of the number of members in attendance (and associated personal guest allowances). An example of such an event could be a 50th birthday party attended by several member families. Such events require the approval of the Committee in advance of the event, and the form below can also be used for this.  An approval of a Large Function does not mean it is an exclusive event (exclusive use of the Clubhouse), hence other member can use the Clubhouse at the same time. The Committee requires approval of these events so that it can manage multiple Large Gathering events that may occur in the peak period and also ensuring the fair use of facilities by all our members.

Private Functions are events where there are significantly more adult guests in attendance, and can either involve exclusive or non-exclusive use of the Clubhouse. Such an event is likely to incur a fee (given the number of non-members in attendance), and that fee will be determined by the Committee and will be based on the time and length of the event, the time of year and whether the event requires exclusive or non-exclusive use of the Clubhouse. Examples of such events include a first birthday party. Please submit a request on the Hiring the Club page for these types of events.

Any individual guest may not visit the club more than six times a year, irrespective of the sponsoring member. After this you should nominate your guests to become a member.

Please note that members are fully responsible for guests, including conduct and adherence to club rules and by-laws.


Guest Request Form

Guest Request Form

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